Bridge Training Program

Pilates Teaching Reimagined

Restore Inner Strength, Revitalise Health.

Designed to equip you with advanced techniques for clients with limitations. Elevate your teaching, empower clients to build a tension-free, energized, and resilient body for life.
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Real Pilates for Real People. Unlock healing and ultimate wellbeing with our Bridge Program.

Ideal for teachers aiming to support clients with mobility issues, chronic pains and aches, older adults, individuals in rehabilitation or people truly feeling unwell. Enhance your expertise in nurturing profound strength and agility with joy, transforming people’s lives with grace. Movement heals!
15h (181 videos)

Bridge Program

Published on
June 29, 2023
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Achieve Meaningful Transformations

Envision guiding your clients to newfound mobility as you unlock their stiff joints and alleviate tension.

With each session, observe as they stand taller, their posture realigned, muscles toned, and confidence growing.

Age fades into the background as you help their bodies reach peak energy, looking and feeling their absolute best.

Witness the transformation from constraint to complete freedom in movement returning to life.
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Expert-Crafted and Result-Driven Techniques

Our program stands apart, rooted in Iva Mazzoleni's extensive experience which expands beyond standard teacher training.

Years of development and practical application have led to this comprehensive library of resources, designed to address the needs that traditional Pilates overlooks.

Trust in a program that is not just taught, but proven in practice, to enhance recovery and functional strength from within.

With Iva's expert guidance and community support, perfect your ability to customize restorative and revival Pilates sessions, addressing each client's unique path to recovery breaking through their limitations.

Real Impact, Real Results

Empower clients to overcome pain and limitations. Enhance your practice with loyalty, recognition, and the profound ability to teach your clients the tools to heal through Pilates. Dedicate yourself to a meaningful Pilates practice that transforms people, building a better and happier body for life.

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Mastering the Art of Caring with Pilates creating Meaningful Change!

The program consists of several parts, introducing you to the Philosophy, the Concepts, the Anatomy, the Exercises & Movement Strategies with its Practice of all the Essential and Foundational work on which our holistic Pilates approach is based on.

Comprehensive Training

Dive into our Bridge Program for a complete grasp of Pilates fundamentals. Learn anatomy, teaching methods, session planning, and client assessment. Equip yourself with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed for transformative teaching success.y.

Exclusive Community Support

With your program purchase, unlock entry to our INNER CIRCLE—a space for exclusive support. Here, engage with peers, share experiences, and enjoy benefits tailored for your professional growth in Pilates: events and workshops, exclusive wellness and  teaching content.

Ever-Evolving Innovative Academy

Experience innovation in Pilates education with our dynamic platform. Constantly updated with the latest insights and techniques, it’s designed to keep your practice at the cutting edge of the Pilates teaching frontier. Embrace a learning experience that grows exponentially with you.

Bridge Program

Our most popular program for Pilates Teachers and Pilates Passionates.

2222 $

Restorative Pilates work
Animated Online Learning
Revitalizing Pilates work
Anatomy Lessons
200+ Mat Exercises
Masterclasses & Lectures
300+ Apparatus Exercises
Exercise & Course Manual
Essential & Foundational Pilates Exercise Approach
Lifetime Learning Access to your Program
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Expert Guidance

Receive expert instruction from seasoned Pilates masters with decades of experience in the field. Save time and money trying to reinvent the wheel.

Comprehensive Programs

Designed to empower you to achieve remarkable results with clients, fostering their loyalty and generating glowing recommendations through your expertise.

Continuous Learning

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and research in the Pilates world through our ongoing education opportunities, including workshops, webinars, and newsletters.

Immersive Events

Make unforgettable memories and accelerate your growth with life changing implementation practices at the events, held in breathtaking locations.

Flexible Approach

Enjoy the flexibility to access comprehensive curriculum or targeted support on specific matters, ensuring you find the perfect fit to meet your unique needs and elevate your teaching practice in your own time.

Engaging Community

Join a vibrant community of Pilates professionals, where you can network, share insights, and find caring support on your journey to more.

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