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Our approach to Pilates involves an integrated holistic approach, addressing the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the Pilates practice. We believe that by living Pilates incorporating these elements, you can achieve a more profound and satisfying Pilates experience that will nurture well-being and can create real change.
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As the founder of IVA PILATES, I envision a future where Pilates transcends its past constraints with its divided communities, embracing a holistic and transformative ethos that truly reflects embodied wellness.

In Pilates our journey is more than just physical and based on restrictive rules—it's a quest to unlock your boundless potential, expanding your knowledge and discover the essence of YOU. It’s time, we redefine the Pilates standards in a collective way that transcends the ordinary and embraces the outstanding in each one of us for the ultimate benefit of every client's infinite possibilities. Let’s unveil the remarkable future that awaits our industry, voicing our togetherness with kindness and greatness.
Founder of IVA' Pilates

360 degrees Approach to find More in You

We understand that Pilates is more than just a physical exercise. It involves the incorporation of mental and emotional elements to achieve its full benefits. Our approach to learning Pilates focuses on the essential connections between the body, mind, and spirit, ensuring that you receive a more complete and fulfilling practice living a better life doing Pilates.

Importance of the Body

In Pilates, "the Body" is our vessel for experiencing life. It is a temple of strength, flexibility, and grace. We honor and respect our body through unique movement experiences, embracing our capabilities and limitations. Our body is not to be judged, but a powerful instrument for self-expression and engagement. Pilates cultivates a deep connection with our body, unlocking our potential for empowerment, confidence, and vitality. We move with pure intentions, finding balance and harmony, celebrating the beauty of our body in all its forms.

Importance of the Mind

In Pilates, "the Mind" is the key to unlocking our body's full potential. It guides our attention to every movement, teaching us to be present and aware of our breath and alignment. The mind inspires us to find strength and transformation from within, letting go of distractions and connecting with our inner selves. Pilates is a journey of self-discovery, discipline, and mastery, empowering us to tap into our limitless potential creating a better life.

Importance of the Spirit

In Pilates, "the Spirit" or "the Emotions" fuel our movements. It's the energy that connects us to our deepest emotions and aspirations. We cultivate a positive heartset, tapping into our emotions to guide and inspire us. Pilates is a sanctuary to release stress, find solace, and reconnect with our true selves. It encourages gratitude, inner peace, and limitless joy to transforms us. Harness the power of your emotions to live a life in movement to its fullest.

A Note from the Founder

Throughout the past 20 years, I have dedicated myself to teaching Pilates and learning from the best in the world. I have traveled far and wide, investing countless resources into being mentored by caring and knowledgeable Pilates Master Teachers. My mission? To collect an array of strategies and tools to benefit anyone who is willing to commit to their own transformation through the innate power of movement to create change by honing their Pilates practice.

I have trained in every possible shape, form, and approach to the method, leaving no stone unturned in my quest for mastery. Over the years, I managed to map out a blueprint for how anyone can transform their body and life through the incredible power of movement.

Joseph Pilates dreamt of a world where his work would bring happiness to countless people. I advocate for this vision by equipping you with the tools and means to create transformation and lead a joyous life. After all, as they say, "A healthy man has a thousand wishes, but a sick man has one."

Your body is your constant companion throughout life—your most valuable vessel. Let's turn it into an asset, a vibrant support system that fuels an exciting and pain-free existence. Remember, health isn't just a normal state; it's our duty to achieve and maintain it.

I truly hope you make the most of the abundant learning resources available on this platform and that you can embrace the seeds of knowledge that I have sown as an eternal apprentice of the Pilates work, and together, we can reap the rewards of building a better body for life.

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