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Unveiling Your Inner Circle: Tailored Memberships for Every Aspiration

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Pilates Prodigy Membership

Cultivate Connection & Growth
The Prodigy membership is ideal for those seeking an engaging and supportive learning environment and exclusive resources to flourish alongside a passionate Pilates community.
Total hr of education: 40h/year
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Pilates Pioneer Membership

Sharpen Your Expertise
The Pioneer membership caters to ambitious instructors seeking to stay at the forefront of their field with exclusive access to personalized learning and professional recognition.
Total hr of education: 80h/year
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Membership Comparison Table

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(duration: minimum of 90min)

Webinar: Free online lectures featuring Iva Mazzoleni and guest speakers on specific Pilates topics. Gain valuable insights, be inspired and participate in interactive discussions to expand your Pilates knowledge. (Open and free of charge to all-unlimited replay available to our Inner Circle members only)

(duration: minimum of 2hr)

Mastermind: Free online workshops led by Iva Mazzoleni and expert speakers focused on a particular Pilates theme. Gain further knowhow, engage in active discussions with experts, share experiences, and learn alongside fellow instructors in a collaborative environment. (Open and free of charge to all- recording available to all our Inner Circle members only)

Pro Summit
(duration: minimum of 4hr)

Pro Summit: Exclusive live coaching sessions with Iva Mazzoleni and her Mentors for Inner Circle Members. Dive deeper into program content, personal skillsets and developement, and business mastery. Get inspired to make a shift in your Pilates to transform actively in these events, ask your most pressing questions, and gain expert guidance in a small-group setting to keep on growing. (Available to all our Inner Circle only or separate Pilates Summit Event purchase)

Immersion Event
(duration: minimum of 8hr)

Immersion Event: Intensive online learning experiences all based on practicing the work led live by Iva Mazzoleni. Delve into the practice of program and course content through a combination of live interactive lectures, immersive masterclasses, clear demonstrations, and hands-on practice simulations to up level your technical skills and learn by doing to gain unmeasruable skills sets. (Available to all our Inner Circle members only or separate Immersion Event purchase)

Seminar / Retreat
(duration: minimum of 3days)

Retreat/Seminar: In-person seminars held in stunning locations like in the Swiss mountains or the lakeside. Immerse yourself in a small group VIP setting to experience the ultime transformative power of IVA’ Pilates approach, combining self-development work, holistic practice, and life changing envisioning. (Available exclusively to Inner Circle Visionary members only or separate registration with purchase required)

Pilates Adventure Trip
(duration: minimum of 5days)

Join our Pilates Adventure Trips around the world, designed to deepen your connection through Pilates. Explore, learn, and grow in stunning landscapes, combining travel with adventure and immense personal growth. Create invaluable memories and discover more about the hidden gifts in yourself on these transformative journeys.
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