Bridge Program

Ideal for Pilates teachers who encounter clients with limitations  and  special needs, such as older adults or those in rehabilitation, our Bridge Program fills the gaps in traditional Pilates training.

Unlike traditional teacher training programs that focus on working with clients without limitations, our Bridge Program prepares you to effectively support clients facing challenges through restoration and revival work.

Learn how to ease aches and pain, increase mobility, improve posture  and nurture resilience, empowering your clients to regain vitality and profound inner strength, unlocking their body's healing mechanisms.  

Join us in bridging the gap between limitation and liberation, and witness the transformative power of Pilates with care in action.

Ignite Program

Ideal for instructors seeking to inspire ambitious clients eager for massive results, the Ignite Program empowers you to guide individuals who prioritize their physical strength and overall performance.

This program builds up on traditional Pilates teaching methods, focusing on expanding strength beyond ordinary, evolving, and challenging the body to exceed expectations.

By incorporating innovative strategic techniques into traditional Pilates methods, the Ignite Program takes your teaching to the next level. It emphasizes transcending boundaries, evolving beyond the norm, and encouraging clients to surpass their own expectations.

Join us on a journey of professional growth. Lead your clients toward unprecedented results with confidence and expertise.

Mastery Program

Embark on an epic 12-month self-discovery journey to more of you with Pilates in its most holistic form as your guide.

Discover your true essence, overcome obstacles, and unlock your fullest potential, fostering your curiosity and bravery in seeking more. By joining our Mastery Program, you're destined for an incredible learning adventure to uncover the limitless depths within you.

Let's unleash your inner greatness and share the transformative power of Pilates for a life filled with purpose and passion, redefining what’s possible and surpass today’s Pilates standards. Get ready for a journey of profound personal growth and positive change to transcend all expectations to live the Art of Pilates mastering your craft.

Expert Guidance

Receive expert instruction from seasoned Pilates masters with decades of experience in the field. Save time and money trying to reinvent the wheel. experience.

Comprehensive Programs

Designed to empower you to achieve remarkable results with clients, fostering their loyalty and generating glowing recommendations through your expertise.

Continuous Learning

Stay up-to-date with the latest trends, techniques, and research in the Pilates world through our ongoing education opportunities, including workshops, webinars, and newsletters.

Immersive Events

Make unforgettable memories and accelerate your growth with life changing implementation practices at the events, held in breathtaking locations.

Flexible Approach

Enjoy the flexibility to access comprehensive curriculum or targeted support on specific matters, ensuring you find the perfect fit to meet your unique needs and elevate your teaching practice in your own time.

Engaging Community

Join a vibrant community of Pilates professionals, where you can network, share insights, and find caring support on your journey to more.

Don’t just take our word for it

Hear from some amazing people of our caring community who have embarked on their Pilates journey with us.
"The online Pilates classes offered by this studio have been a lifesaver for me! Despite being miles away, I feel just as connected and supported as I would in a physical studio. The instructors' clear guidance and encouragement make every session effective and enjoyable. I've seen incredible progress in my strength and flexibility, all from the comfort of my own home."
Malgorzata Hiller
Health Coach & Nutrition Expert, Poland
"I can't believe how effective and convenient the online Pilates classes are! The virtual platform is user-friendly, and the instructors provide personalized attention just like they would in person. I've been able to maintain my practice consistently, and the results speak for themselves. I feel stronger, more toned, and so grateful for the flexibility these online classes offer."
Anne - Catherine Lyon
Laywer & Politicien, Switzerland
"As a busy professional, finding time for self-care can be challenging, but thanks to these online Pilates classes, I've been able to prioritize my health and well-being with ease. The flexibility of scheduling and the quality of instruction are unparalleled."
Maria Castro
Global Finance Manager, Venezuela
"I had the chance of experiencing Pilates in different countries following different philosophies and have found in Iva the most satisfying approach. Iva is able of combining a very high level of understanding of body mechanisms with her incredible intuition. She reads my body state in one second and has the ‘’tools’’ that are effective for this specific moment."
Nicolas B-L.
Entrepreneur, Switzerland
"I have honestly discovered in Iva exactly what I've been searching for. Their proven Pilates method delivers real results, backed by the expert guidance, knowledge, and the skill to apply it effectively. Alongside the strong professionalism, there's an abundance of empathy, kindness, and genuine care for people. An exceptional place to consistently return to, where you receive not just instruction, but also immense value."
Alice V.
Executive Manager, Switzerland
"Pilates has become my best friend, healer and motivation! A huge discovery in my life which has been made possible thanks to Iva. More than a method, Pilates is a way of life. Actually a new lease on life! A reunion of body and soul. So much looking forward to the future enlightening courses! Thank you Iva!"
Anne Argi
CEO, Switzerland
"I realize that at Iva, Pilates took on its full meaning. I discovered the why of each movement, that the intention in the movement has equal importance to the technique of it; I began to feel the benefits and the subtleties that made all the difference and very substantially improved the benefits on the body. I encourage you to discover this technique at Iva.."
Joseph B.
Lawyer, Switzerland
"The range of classes available on this platform is fantastic. I've been able to progress at my own pace and try new things."
Lyle Kauffman
Entrepreneur, France
"The community aspect of this platform is amazing. I love being able to connect with other Pilates enthusiasts and share tips and advice."
Candice Wu
Designer, Germany
"I love the personalized support and resources available on this platform. It's really helped me achieve my specific Pilates goals."
Kelly Williams
Pilates Teacher, Switzerland
"I've tried other Pilates platforms before, but this one is truly unique. The emphasis on the mind-body-spirit connection really sets it apart."
Mollie Hall